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4.8.7 MySql.EntityFrameworkCore Namespace

Namespaces in this section:

MySql.EntityFrameworkCore.DataAnnotations Namespace

Class Description
MySqlCharsetAttribute Establishes the character set of an entity property.
MySqlCollationAttribute Sets the collation in an entity property.

MySQL.EntityFrameworkCore.Diagnostics Namespace

Class Description
MySQLEventId Event IDs for MySQL events that correspond to messages logged to an ILogger and events sent to a DiagnosticSource. The IDs are also used with WarningsConfigurationBuilder to configure the behavior of warnings.

MySql.EntityFrameworkCore.Extensions Namespace

Class Description
MySQLDatabaseFacadeExtensions MySQL specific extension methods for Database().
MySQLDbFunctionsExtensions Provides CLR methods that get translated to database functions when used in LINQ to Entities queries. The methods on this class are accessed via Functions().
MySQLIndexExtensions Extension methods for IIndex for SQL Server-specific metadata.
MySQLMigrationBuilderExtensions MySQL specific extension methods for MigrationBuilder.
MySQLModelExtensions Extension methods for IModel for SQL Server-specific metadata.
MySQLPropertyBuilderExtensions Represents the implementation of MySQL property-builder extensions used in Fluent API.
MySQLPropertyExtensions Extension methods for IProperty for MySQL Server-specific metadata.
MySQLServiceCollectionExtensions MySQL extension class for IServiceCollection.

MySql.EntityFrameworkCore.Infrastructure Namespace

Class Description
MySQLDbContextOptionsBuilder Represents the RelationalDbContextOptionsBuilder type implemented for MySQL.
Delegate Description
MySQLSchemaNameTranslator Translates the specified schema and object to an output object name whenever a schema is being used.
Enumeration Description
MySqlSchemaBehavior Represents the behavior of the schema.

MySql.EntityFrameworkCore.Infrastructure.Internal Namespace

Class Description
MySQLOptionsExtension Represents the RelationalOptionsExtension type implemented for MySQL.
Interface Description
IMySQLOptions Represents options to set on the provider.

MySql.EntityFrameworkCore.Metadata Namespace

Enumeration Description
MySQLValueGenerationStrategy An internal enumeration that supports the Entity Framework Core infrastructure.