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10.11 constants.RefreshOption Class

This class performs various flush operations.

  • RefreshOption.GRANT

    Refresh the grant tables, like FLUSH PRIVILEGES.

  • RefreshOption.LOG

    Flush the logs, like FLUSH LOGS.

  • RefreshOption.TABLES

    Flush the table cache, like FLUSH TABLES.

  • RefreshOption.HOSTS

    Flush the host cache, like FLUSH HOSTS.

  • RefreshOption.STATUS

    Reset status variables, like FLUSH STATUS.

  • RefreshOption.THREADS

    Flush the thread cache.

  • RefreshOption.SLAVE

    On a slave replication server, reset the master server information and restart the slave, like RESET SLAVE.

  • RefreshOption.MASTER

    On a master replication server, remove the binary log files listed in the binary log index and truncate the index file, like RESET MASTER.

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