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MySQL Connector/Python Developer Guide  /  Connector/Python C Extension API Reference

Chapter 11 Connector/Python C Extension API Reference

Table of Contents

11.1 _mysql_connector Module
11.2 _mysql_connector.MySQL() Class
11.3 _mysql_connector.MySQL.affected_rows() Method
11.4 _mysql_connector.MySQL.autocommit() Method
11.5 _mysql_connector.MySQL.buffered() Method
11.6 _mysql_connector.MySQL.change_user() Method
11.7 _mysql_connector.MySQL.character_set_name() Method
11.8 _mysql_connector.MySQL.close() Method
11.9 _mysql_connector.MySQL.commit() Method
11.10 _mysql_connector.MySQL.connect() Method
11.11 _mysql_connector.MySQL.connected() Method
11.12 _mysql_connector.MySQL.consume_result() Method
11.13 _mysql_connector.MySQL.convert_to_mysql() Method
11.14 _mysql_connector.MySQL.escape_string() Method
11.15 _mysql_connector.MySQL.fetch_fields() Method
11.16 _mysql_connector.MySQL.fetch_row() Method
11.17 _mysql_connector.MySQL.field_count() Method
11.18 _mysql_connector.MySQL.free_result() Method
11.19 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_character_set_info() Method
11.20 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_client_info() Method
11.21 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_client_version() Method
11.22 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_host_info() Method
11.23 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_proto_info() Method
11.24 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_server_info() Method
11.25 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_server_version() Method
11.26 _mysql_connector.MySQL.get_ssl_cipher() Method
11.27 _mysql_connector.MySQL.hex_string() Method
11.28 _mysql_connector.MySQL.insert_id() Method
11.29 _mysql_connector.MySQL.more_results() Method
11.30 _mysql_connector.MySQL.next_result() Method
11.31 _mysql_connector.MySQL.num_fields() Method
11.32 _mysql_connector.MySQL.num_rows() Method
11.33 Method
11.34 _mysql_connector.MySQL.query() Method
11.35 _mysql_connector.MySQL.raw() Method
11.36 _mysql_connector.MySQL.refresh() Method
11.37 _mysql_connector.MySQL.reset_connection() Method
11.38 _mysql_connector.MySQL.rollback() Method
11.39 _mysql_connector.MySQL.select_db() Method
11.40 _mysql_connector.MySQL.set_character_set() Method
11.41 _mysql_connector.MySQL.shutdown() Method
11.42 _mysql_connector.MySQL.stat() Method
11.43 _mysql_connector.MySQL.thread_id() Method
11.44 _mysql_connector.MySQL.use_unicode() Method
11.45 _mysql_connector.MySQL.warning_count() Method
11.46 _mysql_connector.MySQL.have_result_set Property

This chapter contains the public API reference for the Connector/Python C Extension, also known as the _mysql_connector Python module.

The _mysql_connector C Extension module can be used directly without any other code of Connector/Python. One reason to use this module directly is for performance reasons.


Examples in this reference use ccnx to represent a connector object as used with the _mysql_connector C Extension module. ccnx is an instance of the _mysql_connector.MySQL() class. It is distinct from the cnx object used in examples for the mysql.connector Connector/Python module described in Chapter 10, Connector/Python API Reference. cnx is an instance of the object returned by the connect() method of the MySQLConnection class.


The C Extension is not part of the pure Python installation. It is an optional module that must be installed using a binary distribution of Connector/Python that includes it, or compiled using a source distribution. See Chapter 4, Connector/Python Installation.