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Chapter 8 The Connector/Python C Extension

Connector/Python supports a C extension that interfaces with the MySQL C client library. For queries that return large result sets, using the C Extension can improve performance compared to a pure Python implementation of the MySQL client/server protocol. Section 8.1, “Application Development with the Connector/Python C Extension”, describes how applications that use the mysql.connector module can use the C Extension. It is also possible to use the C Extension directly, by importing the _mysql_connector module rather than the mysql.connector module. See Section 8.2, “The _mysql_connector C Extension Module”. For information about installing the C Extension, see Chapter 4, Connector/Python Installation.


The C extension was added in version 2.1.1 and is enabled by default as of 8.0.11. The use_pure option determines whether the Python or C version of this connector is enabled and used.

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