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10.5.11 MySQLCursor.column_names Property


sequence = cursor.column_names

This read-only property returns the column names of a result set as sequence of Unicode strings.

The following example shows how to create a dictionary from a tuple containing data with keys using column_names:

cursor.execute("SELECT last_name, first_name, hire_date "
               "FROM employees WHERE emp_no = %s", (123,))
row = dict(zip(cursor.column_names, cursor.fetchone()))
print("{last_name}, {first_name}: {hire_date}".format(row))

Alternatively, as of Connector/Python 2.0.0, you can fetch rows as dictionaries directly; see Section 10.6.4, “cursor.MySQLCursorDict Class”.

User Comments
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  Posted by Graham Wideman on December 23, 2018
Line 4: print("{last_name}, {first_name}: {hire_date}".format(row))
has a bug, and fails with builtins.KeyError.
The reason is because row is a dictionary, and does not provide suitable values for the formatting string. Instead row has to be unpacked with double asterisk: