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10.6.4 cursor.MySQLCursorDict Class

The MySQLCursorDict class inherits from MySQLCursor. This class is available as of Connector/Python 2.0.0.

A MySQLCursorDict cursor returns each row as a dictionary. The keys for each dictionary object are the column names of the MySQL result.


cnx = mysql.connector.connect(database='world')
cursor = cnx.cursor(dictionary=True)
cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM country WHERE Continent = 'Europe'")

print("Countries in Europe:")
for row in cursor:
    print("* {Name}".format(Name=row['Name']

The preceding code produces output like this:

Countries in Europe:
* Albania
* Andorra
* Austria
* Belgium
* Bulgaria

It may be convenient to pass the dictionary to format() as follows:

cursor.execute("SELECT Name, Population FROM country WHERE Continent = 'Europe'")

print("Countries in Europe with population:")
for row in cursor:
    print("* {Name}: {Population}".format(**row))

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