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10.3.1 pooling.MySQLConnectionPool Constructor



This constructor instantiates an object that manages a connection pool.


  • pool_name: The pool name. If this argument is not given, Connector/Python automatically generates the name, composed from whichever of the host, port, user, and database connection arguments are given in kwargs, in that order.

    It is not an error for multiple pools to have the same name. An application that must distinguish pools by their pool_name property should create each pool with a distinct name.

  • pool_size: The pool size. If this argument is not given, the default is 5.

  • pool_reset_session: Whether to reset session variables when the connection is returned to the pool. This argument was added in Connector/Python 1.1.5. Before 1.1.5, session variables are not reset.

  • kwargs: Optional additional connection arguments, as described in Section 7.1, “Connector/Python Connection Arguments”.


dbconfig = {
  "database": "test",
  "user":     "joe",

cnxpool = mysql.connector.pooling.MySQLConnectionPool(pool_name = "mypool",
                                                      pool_size = 3,

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