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MySQL Connector/Python Developer Guide  /  ...  /  MySQLConnection.set_client_flags() Method

10.2.32 MySQLConnection.set_client_flags() Method



This method sets the client flags to use when connecting to the MySQL server, and returns the new value as an integer. The flags argument can be either an integer or a sequence of valid client flag values (see Section 10.7, “constants.ClientFlag Class”).

If flags is a sequence, each item in the sequence sets the flag when the value is positive or unsets it when negative. For example, to unset LONG_FLAG and set the FOUND_ROWS flags:

>>> from mysql.connector.constants import ClientFlag
>>> cnx.set_client_flags([ClientFlag.FOUND_ROWS, -ClientFlag.LONG_FLAG])
>>> cnx.reconnect()

Client flags are only set or used when connecting to the MySQL server. It is therefore necessary to reconnect after making changes.

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