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10.4 pooling.PooledMySQLConnection Class

This class is used by MySQLConnectionPool to return a pooled connection instance. It is also the class used for connections obtained with calls to the connect() method that name a connection pool (see Section 9.4, “Connector/Python Connection Pooling”).

PooledMySQLConnection pooled connection objects are similar to MySQLConnection unpooled connection objects, with these differences:

  • To release a pooled connection obtained from a connection pool, invoke its close() method, just as for any unpooled connection. However, for a pooled connection, close() does not actually close the connection but returns it to the pool and makes it available for subsequent connection requests.

  • A pooled connection cannot be reconfigured using its config() method. Connection changes must be done through the pool object itself, as described by Section 9.4, “Connector/Python Connection Pooling”.

  • A pooled connection has a pool_name property that returns the pool name.