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10.12 Errors and Exceptions

The mysql.connector.errors module defines exception classes for errors and warnings raised by MySQL Connector/Python. Most classes defined in this module are available when you import mysql.connector.

The exception classes defined in this module mostly follow the Python Database API Specification v2.0 (PEP 249). For some MySQL client or server errors it is not always clear which exception to raise. It is good to discuss whether an error should be reclassified by opening a bug report.

MySQL Server errors are mapped with Python exception based on their SQLSTATE value (see Server Error Message Reference). The following table shows the SQLSTATE classes and the exception Connector/Python raises. It is, however, possible to redefine which exception is raised for each server error. The default exception is DatabaseError.

Table 10.1 Mapping of Server Errors to Python Exceptions

SQLSTATE Class Connector/Python Exception
02 DataError
02 DataError
07 DatabaseError
08 OperationalError
0A NotSupportedError
21 DataError
22 DataError
23 IntegrityError
24 ProgrammingError
25 ProgrammingError
26 ProgrammingError
27 ProgrammingError
28 ProgrammingError
2A ProgrammingError
2B DatabaseError
2C ProgrammingError
2D DatabaseError
2E DatabaseError
33 DatabaseError
34 ProgrammingError
35 ProgrammingError
37 ProgrammingError
3C ProgrammingError
3D ProgrammingError
3F ProgrammingError
40 InternalError
42 ProgrammingError
44 InternalError
HZ OperationalError
XA IntegrityError
0K OperationalError
HY DatabaseError