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10.2.44 MySQLConnection.raise_on_warnings Property

This property can be assigned a value of True or False to enable or disable whether warnings should raise exceptions. The default is False (default). The property can be invoked to retrieve the current exceptions setting.

Setting raise_on_warnings also sets get_warnings because warnings need to be fetched so they can be raised as exceptions.


You might always want to set the SQL mode if you would like to have the MySQL server directly report warnings as errors (see Section 10.2.47, “MySQLConnection.sql_mode Property”). It is also good to use transactional engines so transactions can be rolled back when catching the exception.

Result sets needs to be fetched completely before any exception can be raised. The following example shows the execution of a query that produces a warning:

>>> cnx.raise_on_warnings = True
>>> cursor.execute('SELECT "a"+1')
>>> cursor.fetchall()
mysql.connector.errors.DataError: 1292: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: 'a'

Returns True or False.