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MySQL Replication  /  ...  /  Adding a Binary Log Based Master to a Multi-Source Replication Slave Adding a Binary Log Based Master to a Multi-Source Replication Slave

This section assumes that binary logging is enabled on the master (which is the default), the slave is using TABLE based replication repositories (which is the default in MySQL 8.0), and that you have enabled a replication user and noted the current binary log position. You need to know the current MASTER_LOG_FILE and MASTER_LOG_POSITION. Use the CHANGE MASTER TO statement to add a new master to a channel by specifying a FOR CHANNEL channel clause. For example, to add a new master with the host name master1 using port 3451 to a channel called master-1:

MASTER_LOG_FILE='master1-bin.000006', MASTER_LOG_POS=628 FOR CHANNEL 'master-1';

Repeat this process for each extra master that you want to add to a channel, changing the host name, port and channel as appropriate.