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2.5.8 Monitoring Multi-Source Replication

To monitor the status of replication channels the following options exist:

  • Using the replication Performance Schema tables. The first column of these tables is Channel_Name. This enables you to write complex queries based on Channel_Name as a key. See Performance Schema Replication Tables.

  • Using SHOW REPLICA STATUS FOR CHANNEL channel. By default, if the FOR CHANNEL channel clause is not used, this statement shows the replica status for all channels with one row per channel. The identifier Channel_name is added as a column in the result set. If a FOR CHANNEL channel clause is provided, the results show the status of only the named replication channel.


The SHOW VARIABLES statement does not work with multiple replication channels. The information that was available through these variables has been migrated to the replication performance tables. Using a SHOW VARIABLES statement in a topology with multiple channels shows the status of only the default channel.

The error codes and messages that are issued when multi-source replication is enabled specify the channel that generated the error.