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MySQL Replication  /  ...  /  Configuring Multi-Source Replication Configuring Multi-Source Replication

This section explains how to configure a multi-source replication topology, and provides details about configuring masters and slaves. Such a topology requires at least two masters and one slave configured.

Masters in a multi-source replication topology can be configured to use either global transaction identifier (GTID) based replication, or binary log position-based replication. See Section 2.3.4, “Setting Up Replication Using GTIDs” for how to configure a master using GTID based replication. See Section 2.2.1, “Setting the Replication Master Configuration” for how to configure a master using file position based replication.

Slaves in a multi-source replication topology require TABLE repositories for the master info log and relay log info log, which are the default in MySQL 8.0. Multi-source replication is not compatible with FILE based repositories, and the FILE setting for the --master-info-repository and --relay-log-info-repository options is now deprecated.

To modify an existing replication slave that is using a FILE repository for the slave status logs to use TABLE repositories, convert the existing replication repositories dynamically by running the following commands:

SET GLOBAL master_info_repository = 'TABLE';
SET GLOBAL relay_log_info_repository = 'TABLE';