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MySQL Replication  /  ...  /  Adding a Binary Log Based Master to a Multi-Source Replication Slave Adding a Binary Log Based Master to a Multi-Source Replication Slave

This section assumes you have enabled binary logging on the master using --log-bin, enabled a replication user, noted the current binary log position, and ensured that the slave is using TABLE based replication repositories. You need to know the current MASTER_LOG_FILE and MASTER_LOG_POSITION. Use the CHANGE MASTER TO statement to add a new master to a channel by specifying a FOR CHANNEL channel clause. For example, to add a new master with the host name master1 using port 3451 to a channel called master-1:

MASTER_LOG_FILE='master1-bin.000006', MASTER_LOG_POS=628 FOR CHANNEL 'master-1';

Repeat this process for each extra master that you want to add to a channel, changing the host name, port and channel as appropriate.