HeatWave on AWS  /  HeatWave Clusters  /  Creating a HeatWave Cluster

4.1 Creating a HeatWave Cluster

A HeatWave Cluster must be associated with an active DB System, and a DB System can have only one HeatWave Cluster. Before you create a HeatWave Cluster, ensure that you have created a DB System and that the DB System does not already have a HeatWave Cluster. With HeatWave on AWS, you create a DB System and HeatWave nodes at the same time, but you can delete the HeatWave Cluster afterwards if you want to re-create it. See Creating a DB System for instructions.

When you create a HeatWave Cluster, you are presented with an option to estimate the required HeatWave Cluster size based on data that is loaded on your DB System (see Estimating Cluster Size with HeatWave Autopilot). If you have not loaded data into your DB System, and you want to estimate the optimal HeatWave Cluster size, load data into the DB System before you create a HeatWave Cluster. See Importing Data.


Changing the number of nodes in an existing HeatWave Cluster is not supported. If you require a larger or smaller cluster, you must delete the existing cluster and create a new one with the desired number of nodes.

To create a HeatWave Cluster, do the following:

  1. In the HeatWave Console, select the HeatWave Clusters tab.
  2. Click Create HeatWave Cluster. The Create HeatWave Cluster dialog is displayed.
  3. On the Create HeatWave Cluster dialog, provide the following information:
    • Basic Information
      • Display Name: Specify a user-friendly display name for the HeatWave Cluster.
      • Description: Specify a user-friendly description of the HeatWave Cluster.
    • DB System Name: Select a DB System from the drop down menu.
    • HeatWave Cluster Configuration
      • Shape: Select a HeatWave node shape. For information about supported shapes, see Supported Shapes.


        If you intend to use HeatWave AutoML functionality, the HeatWave.256GB node shape is recommended when creating a HeatWave Cluster. The HeatWave.16GB node shape may not have enough memory for training on large data sets. If you see error messages about this (such as ML003024), use the larger shape instead.
      • Cluster Size: The number of HeatWave nodes to create. Enter a number between 1 and 128. Optionally, click Estimate Cluster Size to estimate the required cluster size using HeatWave Autopilot. For instructions, see Estimating Cluster Size with HeatWave Autopilot.
  4. Click Create to create the HeatWave Cluster.

You are returned to the HeatWave Clusters page where you can monitor the state of the operation, which may take some time to complete. The state changes from Creating to Active when the operation has completed successfully.