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4.2.2 Editing a HeatWave Cluster

Use the Console to edit the display name and description of a HeatWave cluster. You can also change the shape of the HeatWave Cluster nodes and resize the number of nodes in the HeatWave Cluster.

  1. In the HeatWave Console, click the HeatWave Clusters tab.
  2. In the list of HeatWave Clusters, find the HeatWave Cluster you want to edit, and do one of the following:
    • Click the row of the HeatWave Cluster to highlight it, and click Edit HeatWave Cluster from the Actions menu.
    • Click the name of the HeatWave Cluster to open the Details page and click Edit HeatWave Cluster from the Actions menu.
  3. On the Edit HeatWave Cluster panel, provide the following information:
    • Basic information
      • Display Name: Specify a name of the HeatWave Cluster.
      • Description: Specify a description of the HeatWave Cluster.
    • HeatWave Cluster configuration


      The HeatWave Cluster will be offline while the configuration is being changed.


      You must reload the data into the HeatWave Cluster after changing the configuration.
      • Shape: Select a HeatWave node shape. For information about supported shapes, see Supported Shapes.


        If you intend to use HeatWave AutoML functionality, the HeatWave.256GB node shape is recommended when creating a HeatWave Cluster. The HeatWave.16GB node shape may not have enough memory for training on large data sets. If you see error messages about this (such as ML003024), use the larger shape instead.
      • Cluster Size: The number of HeatWave nodes for the cluster. Enter a number between 1 and 128. Optionally, click Estimate Cluster Size to estimate the required cluster size using HeatWave Autopilot. For instructions, see Estimating Cluster Size with HeatWave Autopilot.
  4. Click Save.

The details and configurations of the selected HeatWave Cluster is updated.