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14.3.1 Backup Details

Use the Console to view the Backup Details page.

Table 14-1 Backup Details Page

Name Description
Summary Backup summary. See Table 14-2.
General information General backup. See Table 14-3.
MySQL DB System snapshot MySQL DB System snapshot. See Table 14-4.
Backup Event Details Backup event details. See Table 14-5.

Table 14-2 Backup Summary

Field Description

The state of the backup.

  • CREATING: Resources are being reserved for the backup, and the backup is being created. Creating a backup can take several minutes. The backup is not ready to use yet.
  • ACTIVE: The backup was successfully created
  • UPDATING: The backup is in the process updating
  • INACTIVE: The backup is unavailable
  • DELETING: The backup is being deleted by a delete action in the Console
  • DELETED: The backup has been deleted and is no longer available
  • FAILED: An error condition prevented the creation or continued availability of the backup
Resource ID The unique resource identifier assigned to the backup
Storage size The size of the backup

Table 14-3 General information

Field Description
Description A description of the backup
Created The date and time the backup was created
Last Updated The date and time the backup was last updated
Retention in days The number of days the user initiated backup is retained
Expiry time The date and time when the backup expires
Backup type The type of the backup: User initiated or scheduled

Table 14-4 MySQL DB System snapshot

Field Description
Name The name of the DB System used to create the backup
Description The user-specified description of the DB System used to create the backup
MySQL version The MySQL version used to create the backup
Shape The resource template applied to the DB System used to create the backup
MySQL Configuration The configuration of the DB System
Availability Zone The physical Availability Zone of the DB System used to create the backup
Maintenance window The time when the two-hour maintenance window begins for the DB System used to create the backup
Automatic backups The status of the automatic backups: Enabled or Disabled

Table 14-5 Backup Event Details

Field Description
Type The event and its status.
Severity The severity level of the event, which can be one of
  • INFO: General information is provided. No special concerns
  • WARNING: Warning on an event that might impact the DB System's operation if no actions are taken.
  • CRITICAL: A critical event. An urgent action is required to avoid adverse impact on your DB System.
Message The message body of the event report.
Created The date and time the event report was created.

See Events for details on event reports.