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15.6 Billing and Free Quota for Backup Storage

The backup storage billing depends on the DB system state and the data storage size that you defined while creating a DB system or updating the storage size. You can see a DB System's state and data storage size by Viewing DB System Details.

The way you are billed for backup storage depends on the DB System State:

  • Active/Inactive: You are billed only when the backups' total size exceeds the free quota described below.
  • Failed/Deleted: There is no free storage available and you are billed for all backup storage.

Free Quota for DB Systems

You get free storage when the DB system is in the Active or Inactive state. The size of the free storage equals to the data storage size of the DB system. For example: For a DB system with 500 GB of storage size, the free quota for backup storage is 500 GB.


Let us assume you have two active DB systems with data storage size of 50 GB and 100 GB in the tenancy in region 1. You are entitled to a maximum of 150 GB free backup storage, which is the sum of the data storage size of the two DB systems in region 1.

Now you created 4 manual backups:

  • Backup 1 - 30 GB
  • Backup 2 - 50 GB
  • Backup 3 - 80 GB
  • Backup 4 - 85 GB

The total manual backup size is 30 + 50 + 80 + 85 GB = 245 GB. Let us assume the automatic backups have a total size of 50 GB.

You are billed for region 1 as follows:

Billed backup = Total backup size including manual and automatic - free storage, which is (245+50) - 150 = 145 GB.


If you have tenancies in two regions, each region is billed separately following the billing method as described above.