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MySQL Connector/Python Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 (2015-09-24, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.3 (2015-09-24, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Connector/Python is now compatible with Django 1.8. (Bug #76752, Bug #20987205)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using the C Extension with raise_on_warnings=True, errors were not thrown as exceptions when an executed statement produced an error, and it was not possible to reuse the cursor if the statement produced a result set. (Bug #21536507)

  • When using the C Extension, character decoding of identifiers (database, table, column names) in result sets could fail. (Bug #21535573)

  • When using the C Extension with the auth_plugin option, connect() calls failed. (Bug #21529781)

  • In connections for which consume_results=True, callproc() could hang. (Bug #21492815)

  • Connections failed if the password began or ended with spaces because they were being stripped before the connection attempt. (Bug #21492428)

  • Connection failure occurred for accounts authenticated with the sha256_password authentication plugin that had a blank password. (Bug #21420906)

  • RPM packages of Connector/Python were missing some required __init_py__ files. (Bug #77819, Bug #21505096)

  • The Connector/Python C Extension could exit when fetching a result set containing many NULL values. (Bug #77678, Bug #21420633)

  • Connector/Python failed to complete the connection handshake with MySQL Server 5.5.8. (Bug #77040, Bug #21090014)

  • Connector/Python hung until timeout if the query it was running was killed. (Bug #76156, Bug #20653441)

  • Writing to a table with a BinaryField from Django resulted in a UnicodeDecodeError exception. (Bug #75175, Bug #21054559)

  • Stripping NoneType objects from Django resulted in an AttributeError exception. (Bug #74675, Bug #21054556)