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Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.4 (2012-07-07, Alpha)

Internal alpha release.

Bugs Fixed

  • Incompatible Change: The method MySQLConnection.set_charset() has been removed and replaced by MySQLConnection.set_charset_collation() to simplify setting and retrieving character set and collation information. The MySQLConnection properties collation and charset are now read-only. (Bug #14260052)

  • Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection methods unset_client_flag() and set_client_flag() have been removed. Use theset_client_flags() method instead using a sequence. (Bug #14259996)

  • Incompatible Change: Fixed MySQLConnection.cmd_query() to raise an error when the operation has multiple statements. We introduced a new method MySQLConnection.cmd_query_iter() which needs to be used when multiple statements send to the MySQL server. It returns a generator object to iterate through results.

    When executing single statements, MySQLCursor.execute() will always return None. You can use the MySQLCursor property with_rows to check whether a result could have rows or not.

    MySQLCursor.execute() returns a generator object with which you can iterate over results when executing multiple statements.

    The MySQLCursor.next_resultset() became obsolete and was removed and the MySQLCursor.next_proc_result() method has been renamed to MySQLCursor.proc_results(), which returns a generator object. The MySQLCursor.with_rows property can be used to check if a result could return rows. The example script shows how to go through results produced by sending multiple statements. (Bug #14208326)

  • Fixed MySQLCursor.executemany() when INSERT statements use the ON DUPLICATE KEY clause with a function such as VALUES(). (Bug #14259954)

  • Fixed unit testing on the Microsoft Windows platform. (Bug #14236592)

  • Fixed converting a datetime.time to a MySQL type using Python 2.4 and 2.5. The strftime() function has no support for the %f mark in those Python versions. (Bug #14231941)

  • Fixed cursor.CursorBase attributes description, lastrowid and rowcount to be read-only properties. (Bug #14231160)

  • Fixed MySQLConnection.cmd_query() and other methods so they check first whether there are unread results. (Bug #14184643)