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MySQL Connector/Python Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.33 (2023-04-18, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.33 (2023-04-18, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Adopted function annotation enforcement by mypy, which makes the mysqlx module compliant with PEP 8. (WL #15401)

  • Added logger functionality to configure the logging system, which by default outputs severity level WARNING and higher to sys.stderr. (WL #15435)

  • Added a oci_config_profile connection option to define a profile set in oci_config_file; the default value is DEFAULT. These options are for the authentication_oci_client plugin used with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to support ephemeral key pairs and security tokens. (WL #15483)

  • On Linux and macOS, added a script that builds and runs a Docker container to execute the test suite. Only a running MySQL server is needed to run this test suite; see CONTRIBUTING.rst for ./tests/docker/ usage information. (WL #15528)

Bugs Fixed

  • The C extension set mysql_native_password as the default authentication method; now the default set by MySQL, caching_sha2_password, is used instead. (Bug #35233031)

  • It was possible for the exception closing an invalid connection to be interpreted as a Bad Message by the server; now the socket is closed instead of calling CMD_QUIT. (Bug #35015758)

  • A deprecation warning is now raised if any of the commands COM_FIELD_LIST, COM_REFRESH, COM_SHUTDOWN, COM_PROCESS_INFO, or COM_PROCESS_KILL are used, since all of these are now deprecated by MySQL Server. (Bug #27489972)

  • The prepared statement cursor lacked support for the following options: dictionary, named_tuple, and raw. (Bug #27359063)

    References: See also: Bug #23339387.

  • The C extension truncated bytes that contained a \x00 byte when using NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES mode in MySQL.

    As a workaround, use converter_class=MySQLConverter as a connection option. (Bug #109651, Bug #34984850)

  • On macOS with the C extension, an exception was raised when using authentication_oci_client. In addition, some related libraries were not bundled, such as libfido2. (Bug #109430, Bug #34910625)

  • Executing executemany() with insert statements that used ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE demonstrated poor performance; this was improved by fixing the associated regular expressions that match INSERT statements. (Bug #99575, Bug #31355895)

  • Added the SESSION_TRACK constant to replace SESION_TRACK, which is now deprecated. (Bug #96347, Bug #30103652)

  • Increased the data chunk size from 8 KB to 128 KB to improve performance for large inputs. (Bug #77789, Bug #21476351)