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MySQL Connector/Python Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.2 (2014-05-27, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.2 (2014-05-27, General Availability)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Fabric connection configuration permitted username but not user as a parameter name, which is inconsistent with the connection arguments permitted by Connector/Python itself. Now either can be used. (Using both raises a ValueError.) (Bug #18463182)

  • In the MySQLProtocol._auth_response method of the mysql.connector.protocol module, the auth_response variable was changed without being defined first. (Bug #18463182)

  • Commercial Debian Connector/Python packages included a copyright file containing a GPL license. (Bug #18422727)

  • For Fabric connections, the Weighted Round Robin (WRR) load balancing algorithm stopped working properly due to cache problems. (Bug #17995416)

  • Building an RPM package using python bdist_rpm did not work. (Bug #72261, Bug #18550039)

  • The community MSI Connector/Python packages contained empty documentation PDF and HTML files. These have been removed and replaced with the README_DOCS.txt file which contains a URL to the online manual. (Bug #72245, Bug #18527132)

  • For Python 3, when parameters were passed as a dictionary to the MySQLCursor methods execute() and executemany(), only first occurrence of each element in the query was replaced by the parameter value. (Bug #71975, Bug #18389196)

  • Connector/Python raised all deprecation warnings as errors when Django was run in debug mode. Now only database warnings are raised as errors in debug mode. (Bug #71806, Bug #18380134)

  • when MySQLCursor.execute() was passed values of a data type which cannot be converted, the exception raised was not easy to understand. Now a nicer error message is displayed when unconvertible Python types are given. (Bug #71729, Bug #18258807)