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MySQL Connector/Python Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.16 (2019-04-25, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.16 (2019-04-25, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Two informative text files were added: INFO_BIN contains information about the build environment used to produce the distribution, and INFO_SRC provides information about the product version and the source repository from which the distribution was produced. (Bug #29454706, WL #12297)

  • Django 1.11 is now the minimum supported Django version. (WL #12863)

  • For X DevAPI applications, Connector/Python now supports the ability to send connection attributes (key-value pairs that application programs can pass to the server at connect time). Connector/Python defines a default set of attributes, which can be disabled or enabled. In addition, applications can specify attributes to be passed in addition to the default attributes. The default behavior is to send the default attribute set.

    For X DevAPI applications, specify connection attributes as a connection-attributes parameter in a connection string, or setting connection-attributes as a dictionary inside the connection settings parameter under the connection-attributes key. Both the mysqlx.get_session() and mysqlx.get_client() methods can receive this information.

    The connection-attributes parameter value must be empty (the same as specifying true), a Boolean value (true or false to enable or disable the default attribute set), or a list or zero or more key=value specifiers separated by commas (to be sent in addition to the default attribute set). Within a list, a missing key value evaluates as an empty string. An example connection string:


    Application-defined attribute names cannot begin with _ because such names are reserved for internal attributes.

    If connection attributes are not specified in a valid way, an error occurs and the connection attempt fails.

    For general information about connection attributes, see Performance Schema Connection Attribute Tables. (WL #12488)

  • Connector/Python now has improved support for resetting sessions in connection pools. Returning a session to the pool drops session-related objects such as temporary tables, session variables, and transactions, but the connection remains open and authenticated so that reauthentication is not required when the session is reused. (WL #12489)

  • Protobuf was updated to Protobuf 3.6.1. (WL #12864)

  • For X DevAPI, performance for statements that are executed repeatedly (two or more times) is improved by using server-side prepared statements for the second and subsequent executions. This happens internally; applications need take no action and API behavior should be the same as previously. For statements that change, repreparation occurs as needed. Providing different data values or different offset() or limit() values does not count as a change. Instead, the new values are passed to a new invocation of the previously prepared statement. (WL #12225)

Bugs Fixed

  • Added a "username" alias for the "user" connection argument. Thanks to Matthew Woods for the patch. (Bug #29324966, Bug #94248)

  • Solaris 11 package files had the expected owner/group set as pb2user/common instead of root/bin. (Bug #29278489)

  • CRUD operations would not allow referencing a renamed column (AS SomeLabel) from the fetched result. (Bug #29001628)

  • Fixed a memory corruption issue that caused an unexpected halt when fetching fields. (Bug #28479054)

  • Querying an empty LONG BLOB raised an IndexError exception. (Bug #27897881, Bug #90519)