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MySQL Connector/Python Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.x  /  Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.29 (2022-04-26, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 8.0.29 (2022-04-26, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • When a connection disabled SSL Mode using ssl_disabled=True (or with ssl-mode='DISABLED' for X Protocol connections), specifying other TLS or SSL connection options caused Connector/Python to throw an error. For example, defining tls_version with ssl_disabled=True raised such an error. Now, disabling SSL now means that additional TLS and SSL connection options are ignored. (WL #14852)

  • The Connector/Python C extension now supports FIDO pluggable authentication (see FIDO Pluggable Authentication), and adds a new fido_callback connection option. (WL #14860)

  • The version of protobuf used by the C extension is updated to version 3.19.4. (WL #15080)

  • Removed support for Python 3.6.

    On EL7, EL8, and SUSE Linux: A python3-protobuf RPM package is not available for Python 3.8 on these platforms, so the dependency was removed from the RPM specification; instead this package must be installed manually with pip install protobuf or similar. (WL #14824)

  • Expanded Kerberos Authentication Protocol support to include Windows clients using the pure Python implementation of Connector/Python. (WL #14665)

  • Django support now allows a custom class for data type conversion in the Django backend, typically used to convert non-default data types. This is implemented as a subclass of mysql.connector.django.base.DjangoMySQLConverter. (WL #14679)

Bugs Fixed

  • Microsoft Windows: When using the C extension with prepared=True, BIGINT data was seen as MYSQL_TYPE_LONG instead of MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG, which raised overflow errors with values greater than 2147483647. (Bug #96588, Bug #105254, Bug #30203754, Bug #33481203)

  • Upon connecting to the server, Connector/Python executed a number of SHOW [SESSION] VARIABLES statements to retrieve system variable values. Such statements involve locking in the server, so they are now avoided in favor of SELECT @@var_name. (Bug #33861549)

  • When using the C extension, an expression used as a column without an alias raised a UnicodeDecodeError error. (Bug #33747585)

  • The deprecated utf8mb3 character set is now recognized because the utf8 alias shows utf8mb3 in the Information Schema and SHOW statements in MySQL 8.0.28 and later. For additional information, see The utf8 Character Set (Deprecated alias for utf8mb3). (Bug #33729842)

  • With consume_results=True, the C extension implementation threw an error with some methods such as cmd_refresh(), reset_session() and commit() if there were pending results to fetch. Now, unread results are handled and consumed. (Bug #21528553)

  • When connecting to MySQL Server versions previous to 5.7.35, servers failed to execute change_user commands due to the default collation used by Connector/Python, a problem which affected connection pooling functionality by raising an exception when closing a pooled connection. Now Connector/Python reconnects instead of emitting the exception. (Bug #104569, Bug #33203161)

  • Previously, unsuccessful decoding a byte array raised a UnicodeDecodeError error. Now in such the raw bytes or byte array is returned instead.

    Thanks to Meik Milevczik for the contribution. (Bug #93065, Bug #28877987)

  • Added support for Decimal parsing. Thanks to Luke Weber for the patch. (Bug #81571, Bug #23338623)

  • Added a context manager to open files in the optionfiles module to be closed correctly. Thanks to Vilnis Termanis for the patch. (Bug #81519, Bug #23324748)

  • Attempts to insert Python ByteArray data into binary table columns failed when using the c-extension implementation of Connector/Python. (Bug #77822, Bug #21498719)

  • Added support for NaN in the float to MySQL conversion; it's now set to None. (Bug #74934, Bug #20065830)