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Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.6 (2012-08-30, Beta)

Second beta release.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Changed how MySQL server errors are mapped to Python exceptions. We now use the SQLState (when available) to raise a better error.

    • Incompatibility: some server errors now are raised with a different exception.

    • It is possible to override how errors are raised using the mysql.connector.custom_error_exception() function, defined in the mysql.connector.errors module. This can be useful for certain frameworks to align with other database drivers.

    (WL #6412)

  • Changed name and version of distributions to align with other MySQL projects:

    • The version now includes the suffix 'b' for beta and 'a' for alpha followed by a number. This version is used in the source and built distributions. GA versions will have no suffix.

    • The RPM spec files have been updated to create packages whose names are aligned with RPMs from other MySQL projects.

    (WL #6450)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed version-specific code so Connector/Python works with Python 3.3. (Bug #14524942)

  • Fixed MySQLCursorRaw.fetchall() so it does not raise an exception when results are available. (Bug #14517262, Bug #66465)

  • Timeout for unit tests has been set to 10 seconds. Test cases can individually adjust it to be higher or lower. (Bug #14487502)

  • Fixed installation of on OS X:

    • is now correctly installed on OS X in the mysql.connector package. Previously, it was installed through data_files, and ended up in the system-wide package location of Python, from which it could not be imported.

    • data_files is not used any longer in and is removed. Extra files like now are copied in the custom Distutils commands.

    (Bug #14483142)

  • Fixed test cases in that failed when using YEAR(2) with MySQL 5.6.6 and greater. (Bug #14460680)

  • Fixed SSL unit testing for source distributions:

    • The SSL keys and certificates were missing and now are added to the source distribution. Now SSL testing works properly.

    • Additionally for the Windows platform, forward slashes were added to the option file creation so the MySQL server can pick up the needed SSL files.

    (Bug #14402737)