MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  MySQL Data Dictionary  /  Data Dictionary Limitations

Pre-General Availability Draft: 2017-11-24

14.8 Data Dictionary Limitations

This section describes temporary limitations introduced with the MySQL data dictionary.

  • Manual creation of database directories under the data directory (for example, with mkdir) is unsupported. Manually created database directories are not recognized by the MySQL Server.

  • Moving data stored in MyISAM tables by copying and moving MyISAM data files is unsupported. Tables moved using this method are not discovered by the server.

  • Simple backup and restore of individual MyISAM tables using copied data files is unsupported.

  • DDL operations take longer due to writing to storage, undo logs, and redo logs instead of .frm files.

  • With the removal of .isl files in MySQL 8.0, offline relocation of file-per-table tablespaces created outside of the MySQL data directory is not supported.

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