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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  General Information  /  Server and Status Variables and Options Added, Deprecated, or Removed in MySQL 5.7

1.4 Server and Status Variables and Options Added, Deprecated, or Removed in MySQL 5.7

This section lists server variables, status variables, and options that were added for the first time, have been deprecated, or have been removed in MySQL 5.7.

Options and Variables Introduced in MySQL 5.7

The following system variables, status variables, and server options have been added in MySQL 5.7.

Options and Variables Deprecated in MySQL 5.7

The following system variables, status variables, and options have been deprecated in MySQL 5.7.

  • Innodb_available_undo_logs: Total number of InnoDB rollback segments; different from innodb_rollback_segments, which displays number of active rollback segments. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.19.

  • Qcache_free_blocks: Number of free memory blocks in query cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_free_memory: Amount of free memory for query cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_hits: Number of query cache hits. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_inserts: Number of query cache inserts. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_lowmem_prunes: Number of queries which were deleted from query cache due to lack of free memory in cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_not_cached: Number of noncached queries (not cacheable, or not cached due to query_cache_type setting). Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_queries_in_cache: Number of queries registered in query cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Qcache_total_blocks: Total number of blocks in query cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • Slave_heartbeat_period: Replica's replication heartbeat interval, in seconds. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • Slave_last_heartbeat: Shows when latest heartbeat signal was received, in TIMESTAMP format. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • Slave_received_heartbeats: Number of heartbeats received by replica since previous reset. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • Slave_retried_transactions: Total number of times since startup that replication SQL thread has retried transactions. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • Slave_running: State of this server as replica (replication I/O thread status). Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • avoid_temporal_upgrade: Whether ALTER TABLE should upgrade pre-5.6.4 temporal columns. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • binlog_max_flush_queue_time: How long to read transactions before flushing to binary log. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.9.

  • bootstrap: Used by mysql installation scripts. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • des-key-file: Load keys for des_encrypt() and des_encrypt from given file. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • disable-partition-engine-check: Whether to disable startup check for tables without native partitioning. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.17.

  • group_replication_allow_local_disjoint_gtids_join: Allow current server to join group even if it has transactions not present in group. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.21.

  • have_crypt: Availability of crypt() system call. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • have_query_cache: Whether mysqld supports query cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • ignore-db-dir: Treat directory as nondatabase directory. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.16.

  • ignore_db_dirs: Directories treated as nondatabase directories. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.16.

  • innodb: Enable InnoDB (if this version of MySQL supports it). Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.5.

  • innodb_file_format: Format for new InnoDB tables. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.7.

  • innodb_file_format_check: Whether InnoDB performs file format compatibility checking. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.7.

  • innodb_file_format_max: File format tag in shared tablespace. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.7.

  • innodb_large_prefix: Enables longer keys for column prefix indexes. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.7.

  • innodb_support_xa: Enable InnoDB support for XA two-phase commit. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.10.

  • innodb_undo_logs: Number of undo logs (rollback segments) used by InnoDB; alias for innodb_rollback_segments. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.19.

  • innodb_undo_tablespaces: Number of tablespace files that rollback segments are divided between. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.21.

  • log-warnings: Write some noncritical warnings to log file. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.2.

  • metadata_locks_cache_size: Size of metadata locks cache. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.4.

  • metadata_locks_hash_instances: Number of metadata lock hashes. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.4.

  • myisam_repair_threads: Number of threads to use when repairing MyISAM tables. 1 disables parallel repair. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.38.

  • old_passwords: Selects password hashing method for PASSWORD(). Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • partition: Enable (or disable) partitioning support. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.16.

  • query_cache_limit: Do not cache results that are bigger than this. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • query_cache_min_res_unit: Minimal size of unit in which space for results is allocated (last unit is trimmed after writing all result data). Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • query_cache_size: Memory allocated to store results from old queries. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • query_cache_type: Query cache type. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • query_cache_wlock_invalidate: Invalidate queries in query cache on LOCK for write. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • secure_auth: Disallow authentication for accounts that have old (pre-4.1) passwords. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.5.

  • show_compatibility_56: Compatibility for SHOW STATUS/VARIABLES. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • show_old_temporals: Whether SHOW CREATE TABLE should indicate pre-5.6.4 temporal columns. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • skip-partition: Do not enable user-defined partitioning. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.16.

  • sync_frm: Sync .frm to disk on create. Enabled by default. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • temp-pool: Using this option causes most temporary files created to use small set of names, rather than unique name for each new file. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.18.

  • tx_isolation: Default transaction isolation level. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

  • tx_read_only: Default transaction access mode. Deprecated in MySQL 5.7.20.

Options and Variables Removed in MySQL 5.7

The following system variables, status variables, and options have been removed in MySQL 5.7.

  • Com_show_slave_status_nonblocking: Count of SHOW REPLICA | SLAVE STATUS NONBLOCKING statements. Removed in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • Max_statement_time_exceeded: Number of statements that exceeded execution timeout value. Removed in MySQL 5.7.8.

  • Max_statement_time_set: Number of statements for which execution timeout was set. Removed in MySQL 5.7.8.

  • Max_statement_time_set_failed: Number of statements for which execution timeout setting failed. Removed in MySQL 5.7.8.

  • binlogging_impossible_mode: Deprecated and later removed. Use binlog_error_action instead. Removed in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • default-authentication-plugin: Default authentication plugin. Removed in MySQL 5.7.2.

  • executed_gtids_compression_period: Renamed to gtid_executed_compression_period. Removed in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • innodb_additional_mem_pool_size: Size of memory pool InnoDB uses to store data dictionary information and other internal data structures. Removed in MySQL 5.7.4.

  • innodb_log_checksum_algorithm: Specifies how to generate and verify checksum stored in each redo log disk block. Removed in MySQL 5.7.9.

  • innodb_optimize_point_storage: Enable this option to store POINT data as fixed-length data rather than variable-length data. Removed in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • innodb_use_sys_malloc: Whether InnoDB uses OS or own memory allocator. Removed in MySQL 5.7.4.

  • log-slow-admin-statements: Log slow OPTIMIZE, ANALYZE, ALTER and other administrative statements to slow query log if it is open. Removed in MySQL 5.7.1.

  • log-slow-slave-statements: Cause slow statements as executed by replica to be written to slow query log. Removed in MySQL 5.7.1.

  • log_backward_compatible_user_definitions: Whether to log CREATE/ALTER USER, GRANT in backward-compatible fashion. Removed in MySQL 5.7.9.

  • max_statement_time: Statement execution timeout value. Removed in MySQL 5.7.8.

  • simplified_binlog_gtid_recovery: Renamed to binlog_gtid_simple_recovery. Removed in MySQL 5.7.6.

  • storage_engine: Default storage engine. Removed in MySQL 5.7.5.

  • thread_concurrency: Permits application to provide hint to threads system for desired number of threads which should be run at one time. Removed in MySQL 5.7.2.

  • timed_mutexes: Specify whether to time mutexes (only InnoDB mutexes are currently supported). Removed in MySQL 5.7.5.