30.6 Memory Usage Report

The Memory Usage report summarizes memory usage, grouped by allocation type. This report is based on the memory_global_by_current_bytes sys view. For more information, see The memory_global_by_current_bytes and x$memory_global_by_current_bytes Views.


This instrumentation is disabled by default in MySQL 5.7, and enabled by default in MySQL 8.0. To enable in MySQL 5.7, add the following to your server configuration:



This report requires sys schema be installed on the selected MySQL instance. If sys is not installed, and the selected instance is compatible, you are prompted to install it.


This graph is displayed only if a MySQL instance is selected in the All Targets drop-down menu.

Table View

The table view lists the memory usage in a standard table format. The data can be sorted by column.

Figure 30.11 Memory Usage Report - Table View

Example of the table view of the global memory Usage report.

Treemap View

The treemap displays the data in colored boxes. The larger the box, the larger the value.

Select the required metric from the drop-down menu.

Figure 30.12 Memory Usage Report - Tree View

Example of the treemap view of the global memory Usage report.