Wiki Formatting in Queries

It is possible to format the query result with wiki markup. This enables you to display information from the query directly in the event generated by the advisor.

The following example is taken from the data collection used by the Server Has Accounts Without A Password advisor:

<![CDATA[SELECT GROUP_CONCAT('\\\\\n* ', '\'',user,'\'@\'',host,'\'' ORDER BY user, host) 
       as user FROM mysql.user WHERE password='' /*!50507 AND (plugin = '' OR plugin IS NULL 
       OR plugin = 'mysql_native_password') OR (plugin = 'sha256_password' 
       AND authentication_string  = '')*/]]>

The wiki markup formats the user and host into information readily displayed in the Events page of MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface. This example lists the user name and host for all accounts without a defined password.

See Section 31.1.7, “Wiki Format” for more information on the supported wiki markup.