30.1.3 Timeseries Data Aggregation

This section describes the graph data aggregation process.

When you upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4, all existing timeseries data is aggregated when the upgraded MySQL Enterprise Service Manager first starts. A progress bar is displayed on the user interface, adjacent to the system status bar, indicating the completeness of the aggregation process.

Figure 30.1 Optimizing Graph Data Status

Example of the graph optimization status.


While the timeseries data is being aggregated for the first time, no performance enhancements are evident in the graph response times. Performance improvement is evident only after the process completes and the timeseries data is retrieved from the new, aggregated data.

For new installations of MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.4, data aggregation begins when MySQL Enterprise Service Manager first starts.

Timeseries data aggregation is an ongoing process. As the data is collected from the monitored instances and hosts, it is aggregated in real time, hourly, and daily.