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25.3 General Database Statistics

The remaining Databases Statistics graphs are designed to show a high level picture of the concurrency (Connections - All MySQL Instances), throughput (Database Activity - All MySQL Instances) and response times (Query Response Time Index) of the MySQL Instances within the selected group. These allow you to quickly spot if the profile of activity within the environment has changed.

Current Problem MySQL Instances and Hosts Panels

The Current Problem MySQL Instances and Current Problem MySQL Hosts list the top 5 MySQL Instances and Hosts respectively, based on whether they have open events with a current status of either Emergency or Critical.

The results are sorted by the total time that each event has had those statuses, by Emergency descending, and then Critical descending. This means that the MySQL Instances, or Hosts, that have had Emergency, then Critical events open for the longest are displayed at the top of the list.


These panels do not apply to every selection. For example, if a single MySQL Instance is selected from the All Targets menu, only the Database Availability graph is displayed, along with a simple listing of the instance's details.

Current Emergency & Critical Events

The Current Emergency & Critical Events panel lists a stream of the currently open events with an Emergency or Critical status. These are listed separately to the Current Problem MySQL Instances or Current Problem Hosts panels, as these might not show all assets within an environment that is monitoring five or more of either asset type.

This enables you to see all current high priority events within a single panel for all monitored assets.