30.1.2 Graph Types

The following are the graph types:

  • Individual: A single Asset has multiple data sets graphed on a chart. For example, counts of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements on a single instance.

  • Combined: Multiple assets have a single data set, each graphed on one chart. For example, the count of selects for each of the five MySQL instances of a group.

  • Breakout: One (smaller) graph per Asset in a collection, showing one or more data sets on each individual graph. For example, one graph per CPU on a Host, or in a cluster.

  • Aggregate: One graph per collection of Assets, where the data sets across all Assets are combined via an aggregation operator. For example, one graph with each of the SUM(SELECT), SUM(INSERT), SUM(UPDATE), and SUM(DELETE) across the collection. Such as the group-level Database Activity - All MySQL Instances graph.

  • Treemap: A 2D hierarchical proportional-representation graph. See Section 30.7, “InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage” for an example.