30.2.1 sys Schema

The sys schema is a set of views, stored procedures, and functions, which provide access to the instrumentation data of the Performance Schema.

The sys schema is installed by default in MySQL 5.7, but must be installed manually in earlier versions of MySQL.

On the Database File I/O and Lock Waits pages, if a compatible MySQL instance is selected, but sys schema is not installed, MySQL Enterprise Monitor prompts you to install it. To install sys schema, click Install MySQL sys schema. If the selected instance is incompatible, a message is displayed informing you that it is not possible to run these reports against the selected schema.


If your instance already contains a schema named sys, you must rename it before installing MySQL sys schema.

For information on how to install sys schema from the command line, see the installation instructions within the github repository: sys schema on GitHub.


If you have installed an older version of sys schema on your monitored instances, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version. The upgrade must be performed from the command line. It is not currently possible to upgrade sys schema from MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.