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3.16 Supported Data Types

HeatWave AutoML supports the following data types:

HeatWave AutoML uses TfidfVectorizer to pre-process TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONGTEXT and appends the results to the data set. HeatWave AutoML has the following limitations for text usage:

  • The ML_PREDICT_TABLE ml_results column contains the prediction results and the data. This combination must be less than 65,532 characters.

  • HeatWave AutoML only supports datasets in the English language.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support text columns with NULL values.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support a text target column.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support recommendation tasks with a text column.

  • For the forecasting task, endogenous_variables cannot be text.

Before MySQL 8.0.30, remove temporal types or convert them to CHAR or VARCHAR columns, or split them into separate day, month, and year columns and define them as numeric or string types.

DECIMAL data type columns are not supported. Remove them or convert them to FLOAT.