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3.13.1 The Model Catalog

HeatWave AutoML stores machine learning models in a model catalog in MySQL. A model catalog is a standard MySQL table named MODEL_CATALOG. HeatWave AutoML creates a model catalog for any user that creates a machine learning model.

The MODEL_CATALOG table is created in a schema named ML_SCHEMA_user_name, where the user_name is the name of the owning user.

When a user creates a model, the ML_TRAIN routine creates the model catalog schema and table if they do not exist. ML_TRAIN inserts the model as a row in the MODEL_CATALOG table at the end of training.

A model catalog is accessible only to the owning user unless the user grants privileges on the model catalog to another user. This means that HeatWave AutoML routines can only use models that are accessible to the user running the routines. For information about granting model catalog privileges, see Section 3.13.10, “Sharing Models”.

A database administrator can manage a model catalog table as they would a regular MySQL table.