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3.18 HeatWave AutoML Limitations

The following limitations apply to HeatWave AutoML. For HeatWave limitations, see: Section 2.18, “HeatWave MySQL Limitations”.

  • The ML_TRAIN routine does not support MySQL user names that contain a period; for example, a user named 'joe.smith'@'%' cannot run the ML_TRAIN routine. The model catalog schema created by the ML_TRAIN procedure incorporates the user name in the schema name (e.g., ML_SCHEMA_joesmith), and a period is not a permitted schema name character.

  • The table used to train a model (the training dataset) cannot exceed 10 GB, 100 million rows, or 1017 columns. Before MySQL 8.0.29, the column limit was 900.

  • To avoid taking up too much space in memory, the number of loaded models should be limited to three.

  • Bring your own model is not supported. Use of non-HeatWave AutoML models or manually modified HeatWave AutoML models can cause undefined behavior.

  • Models greater than 900 MB in size are not supported. If a model being trained by the ML_TRAIN routine exceeds 900 MB, the ML_TRAIN query fails with an error.

  • There is currently no way to monitor HeatWave AutoML query progress. ML_TRAIN is typically the most time consuming routine. The time required to train a model depends on the number of rows and columns in the dataset and the specified ML_TRAIN parameters and options.

    ML_EXPLAIN_TABLE and ML_PREDICT_TABLE are compute intensive processes, with ML_EXPLAIN_TABLE being the most compute intensive. Limiting operations to batches of 10 to 100 rows by splitting large tables into smaller tables is recommended. MySQL 8.2.0 adds batch processing with the batch_size option. See: Section 3.14, “Progress tracking”.

  • Ctrl+C interruption is supported only for ML_TRAIN, ML_EXPLAIN_ROW, and ML_EXPLAIN_TABLE.

  • ML_EXPLAIN, ML_EXPLAIN_ROW, and ML_EXPLAIN_TABLE routines limit explanations to the 100 most relevant features.

  • The ML_PREDICT_TABLE ml_results column contains the prediction results and the data. This combination must be less than 65,532 characters.

  • HeatWave AutoML only supports datasets in the English language.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support text columns with NULL values.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support a text target column.

  • HeatWave AutoML does not support recommendation tasks with a text column.

  • For the forecasting task, endogenous_variables cannot be text.

  • Concurrent HeatWave analytics and HeatWave AutoML queries are not supported. A HeatWave AutoML query must wait for HeatWave analytics queries to finish, and vice versa. HeatWave analytics queries are given priority over HeatWave AutoML queries.

  • HeatWave on AWS only supports HeatWave AutoML with the HeatWave.256GB node shape. To use HeatWave machine learning functionality, select that shape when creating a HeatWave Cluster.