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Here are other changes with Connector/J 8.0 and beyond:

  • Removed ReplicationDriver. Instead of using a separate driver, you can now obtain a connection for a replication setup just by using the jdbc:mysql:replication:// scheme.

  • See Chapter 4, Connector/J Installation for third-party libraries required for Connector/J 8.4 to work.

  • For Connector/J 8.0.22 and earlier: Connector/J always performs time offset adjustments on date-time values, and the adjustments require one of the following to be true:

    • The MySQL server is configured with a canonical time zone that is recognizable by Java (for example, Europe/Paris, Etc/GMT-5, UTC, etc.)

    • The server's time zone is overridden by setting the Connector/J connection property serverTimezone (for example, serverTimezone=Europe/Paris).


    The Connector/J's behavior in this respect has changed since release 8.0.23. See Section 6.6.1, “Preserving Time Instants” for details. serverTimezone is now an alias for the connection property connectionTimeZone, which has replaced serverTimezone.