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6.3.17 JDBC compliance

  • useColumnNamesInFindColumn

    Prior to JDBC-4.0, the JDBC specification had a bug related to what could be given as a column name to result set methods like 'findColumn()', or getters that took a String property. JDBC-4.0 clarified "column name" to mean the label, as given in an "AS" clause and returned by 'ResultSetMetaData.getColumnLabel()', and if no "AS" clause is specified, the column name. Setting this property to "true" will result in a behavior that is congruent to JDBC-3.0 and earlier versions of the JDBC specification, but which could have unexpected results. This property is preferred over 'useOldAliasMetadataBehavior' unless in need of the specific behavior that it provides with respect to 'ResultSetMetadata'.

    Default Value false
    Since Version 5.1.7
  • pedantic

    Follow the JDBC specification to the letter.

    Default Value false
    Since Version 3.0.0
  • useOldAliasMetadataBehavior

    Should the driver use the legacy behavior for "AS" clauses on columns and tables, and only return aliases ,if any, for 'ResultSetMetaData.getColumnName()' or 'ResultSetMetaData.getTableName()' rather than the original column/table name?

    Default Value false
    Since Version 5.0.4