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MySQL Connector/J Developer Guide  /  Connector/J Installation  /  Upgrading from an Older Version

4.4 Upgrading from an Older Version

This section has information for users who are upgrading from one version of Connector/J to another, or to a new version of the MySQL server that supports a more recent level of JDBC. A newer version of Connector/J might include changes to support new features, improve existing functionality, or comply with new standards.

Depending on the platform and the way you used to install Connector/J, upgrading can be performed by one of the following methods:

  • Downloading a new platform-independent archive (.tar, .tar.gz, .zip, etc.) and overwriting with it your original installation created by an older archive.

  • Updating the version of the Connector/J dependency in your Maven .pom file.

  • Using the upgrade command of your Linux distro's package management system.

  • Using the MySQL Installer for Windows, which can also perform automatic updates for Connector/J

See Chapter 4, Connector/J Installation for details on the installation and upgrade methods. You should also pay attention to any important changes in the new version like changes in 3rd-party dependencies, incompatibilities, etc.