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X DevAPI User Guide  /  Overview

Chapter 1 Overview

This guide explains how to use the X DevAPI and provides examples of its functionality. The X DevAPI is implemented by MySQL Shell and MySQL Connectors that support X Protocol. For more background information and instructions on how to install and get started using X DevAPI, see Using MySQL as a Document Store. For quick-start tutorials introducing you to X DevAPI, see JavaScript Quick-Start Guide: MySQL Shell for Document Store and Python Quick-Start Guide: MySQL Shell for Document Store. In addition to this documentation, there is developer documentation for all X DevAPI methods in the API references, available from Connectors and APIs.

This section introduces the X DevAPI and provides an overview of the features available when using it to develop applications.


The X DevAPI implementation in MySQL Shell can differ from the implementation in the Connector products. This guide provides an overview of using the concepts in all X DevAPI implementations.

The X DevAPI wraps powerful concepts in a simple API.

  • A new high-level session concept enables you to write code that can transparently scale from single MySQL Server to a multiple server environment. See Chapter 2, Connection and Session Concepts.

  • Read operations are simple and easy to understand.

  • Non-blocking, asynchronous calls follow common host language patterns.

The X DevAPI introduces a new, modern, and easy-to-learn way to work with your data.