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31.9 MySQL Perl API

The Perl DBI module provides a generic interface for database access. You can write a DBI script that works with many different database engines without change. To use DBI with MySQL, install the following:

  1. The DBI module.

  2. The DBD::mysql module. This is the DataBase Driver (DBD) module for Perl.

  3. Optionally, the DBD module for any other type of database server you want to access.

Perl DBI is the recommended Perl interface. It replaces an older interface called mysqlperl, which should be considered obsolete.

These sections contain information about using Perl with MySQL and writing MySQL applications in Perl:

DBI information is available at the command line, online, or in printed form:

  • Once you have the DBI and DBD::mysql modules installed, you can get information about them at the command line with the perldoc command:

    $> perldoc DBI
    $> perldoc DBI::FAQ
    $> perldoc DBD::mysql

    You can also use pod2man, pod2html, and so on to translate this information into other formats.

  • For online information about Perl DBI, visit the DBI website, That site hosts a general DBI mailing list.

  • For printed information, the official DBI book is Programming the Perl DBI (Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce, O'Reilly & Associates, 2000). Information about the book is available at the DBI website,