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13.3 Operators

Table 13.2 Operators

AND, && Logical AND
= Assign a value (as part of a SET statement, or as part of the SET clause in an UPDATE statement)
:= Assign a value
BETWEEN ... AND ... Check whether a value is within a range of values
BINARY Cast a string to a binary string
& Bitwise AND
~ Bitwise inversion
| Bitwise OR
^ Bitwise XOR
CASE Case operator
DIV Integer division
/ Division operator
= Equal operator
<=> NULL-safe equal to operator
> Greater than operator
>= Greater than or equal operator
IS Test a value against a boolean
IS NOT Test a value against a boolean
IS NULL NULL value test
-> Return value from JSON column after evaluating path; equivalent to JSON_EXTRACT().
->> Return value from JSON column after evaluating path and unquoting the result; equivalent to JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT()).
<< Left shift
< Less than operator
<= Less than or equal operator
LIKE Simple pattern matching
- Minus operator
%, MOD Modulo operator
NOT, ! Negates value
NOT BETWEEN ... AND ... Check whether a value is not within a range of values
!=, <> Not equal operator
NOT LIKE Negation of simple pattern matching
||, OR Logical OR
+ Addition operator
REGEXP Pattern matching using regular expressions
>> Right shift
RLIKE Synonym for REGEXP
SOUNDS LIKE Compare sounds
* Multiplication operator
- Change the sign of the argument
XOR Logical XOR

User Comments
  Posted by John Kienitz on February 4, 2009
With ANSI SQL mode || is the concatenation operator.
  Posted by N Jacobs on February 17, 2012
Note that the + and - operators can be used for date arithmetic in conjunction with the INTERVAL keyword (see section 11.7).

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