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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Restrictions When Using the Embedded MySQL Server

27.6.2 Restrictions When Using the Embedded MySQL Server

The embedded server has the following limitations:

  • No loadable functions.

  • No stack trace on core dump.

  • You cannot set this up as a source or a replica (no replication).

  • Very large result sets may be unusable on low memory systems.

  • You cannot connect to an embedded server from an outside process with sockets or TCP/IP. However, you can connect to an intermediate application, which in turn can connect to an embedded server on the behalf of a remote client or outside process.

  • libmysqld does not support encrypted connections. An implication is that if an application linked against libmysqld establishes a connection to a remote server, the connection cannot be encrypted.

  • InnoDB is not reentrant in the embedded server and cannot be used for multiple connections, either successively or simultaneously.

  • The Event Scheduler is not available. Because of this, the event_scheduler system variable is disabled.

  • The Performance Schema is not available.

  • The embedded server cannot share the same secure_file_priv directory with another server. As of MySQL 5.7.8, the default value for this directory can be set at build time with the INSTALL_SECURE_FILE_PRIV_EMBEDDEDDIR CMake option.

Some of these limitations can be changed by editing the mysql_embed.h include file and recompiling MySQL.