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6.5.1 Elements of MySQL Enterprise Audit

MySQL Enterprise Audit is based on the audit log plugin and related elements:

  • A server-side plugin named audit_log examines auditable events and determines whether to write them to the audit log.

  • A set of functions enables manipulation of filtering definitions that control logging behavior, the encryption password, and log file reading.

  • Tables in the mysql system database provide persistent storage of filter and user account data, unless you set the audit_log_database system variable at server startup to specify a different database.

  • System variables enable audit log configuration and status variables provide runtime operational information.

  • The AUDIT_ADMIN privilege enable users to administer the audit log, and (from MySQL 8.0.28) the AUDIT_ABORT_EXEMPT privilege enables system users to execute queries that would otherwise be blocked by an abort item in the audit log filter.