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6.16.64 The ndbinfo transporter_details Table

This table contains information about individual NDB transporters, rather than aggregate information as shown by the transporters table. The transporter_details table was added in NDB 8.0.37.

The transporter_details table contains the following columns:

  • node_id

    This data node's unique node ID in the cluster

  • block_instance

  • trp_id

    The transporter ID

  • remote_node_id

    The remote data node's node ID

  • status

    Status of the connection

  • remote_address

    Name or IP address of the remote host

  • bytes_sent

    Number of bytes sent using this connection

  • bytes_received

    Number of bytes received using this connection

  • connect_count

    Number of times connection established on this transporter

  • overloaded

    1 if this transporter is currently overloaded, otherwise 0

  • overload_count

    Number of times this transporter has entered overload state since connecting

  • slowdown

    1 if this transporter is in slowdown state, otherwise 0

  • slowdown_count

    Number of times this transporter has entered slowdown state since connecting

  • encrypted

    If this transporter is connected using TLS, this column is 1, otherwise it is 0.

  • sendbuffer_used_bytes

    The amount, in bytes, of signal data currently awaiting send by this transporter.

  • sendbuffer_max_used_bytes

    The maximum amount, in bytes, of signal data awaiting send at any one time by this transporter.

  • sendbuffer_alloc_bytes

    Amount of send buffer, in bytes, currently allocated for signal data storage for this transporter.

  • sendbuffer_max_alloc_bytes

    Maxmimum amount of send buffer, in bytes, allocated for signal data storage at any one time for this transporter.

  • type

    The connection type used by this transporter (TCP or SHM).

The transporter_details table displays a row showing the status of each transporter in the cluster. See the Notes for the transporters table for more information about each of the columns in this table.

The sendbuffer_used_bytes, sendbuffer_max_used_bytes, sendbuffer_alloc_bytes, sendbuffer_max_alloc_bytes, and type columns were added in NDB 8.0.38.