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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0
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7.14.12 The ndbinfo cpudata Table

The cpudata table provides data about CPU usage during the last second.

The cpustat table contains the following columns:

  • node_id

    Node ID

  • cpu_no

    CPU ID

  • cpu_online

    1 if the CPU is currently online, otherwise 0

  • cpu_userspace_time

    CPU time spent in userspace

  • cpu_idle_time

    CPU time spent idle

  • cpu_system_time

    CPU time spent in system time

  • cpu_interrupt_time

    CPU time spent handling interrupts (hardware and software)

  • cpu_exec_vm_time

    CPU time spent in virtual machine execution


The cpudata table is available only on Linux and Solaris operating systems.

This table was added in NDB 8.0.23.