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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0
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6.16.31 The ndbinfo diskstat Table

The diskstat table provides information about writes to Disk Data tablespaces during the past 1 second.

The diskstat table contains the following columns:

  • node_id

    Node ID of this node

  • block_instance

    ID of reporting instance of PGMAN

  • pages_made_dirty

    Number of pages made dirty during the past second

  • reads_issued

    Reads issued during the past second

  • reads_completed

    Reads completed during the past second

  • writes_issued

    Writes issued during the past second

  • writes_completed

    Writes completed during the past second

  • log_writes_issued

    Number of times a page write has required a log write during the past second

  • log_writes_completed

    Number of log writes completed during the last second

  • get_page_calls_issued

    Number of get_page() calls issued during the past second

  • get_page_reqs_issued

    Number of times that a get_page() call has resulted in a wait for I/O or completion of I/O already begun during the past second

  • get_page_reqs_completed

    Number of get_page() calls waiting for I/O or I/O completion that have completed during the past second


Each row in this table corresponds to an instance of PGMAN; there is one such instance per LDM thread plus an additional instance for each data node.