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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0
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6.16.59 The ndbinfo table_replicas Table

The table_replicas table provides information about the copying, distribution, and checkpointing of NDB table fragments and fragment replicas.

The table_replicas table contains the following columns:

  • node_id

    ID of the node from which data is fetched (DIH master)

  • table_id

    Table ID

  • fragment_id

    Fragment ID

  • initial_gci

    Initial GCI for table

  • replica_node_id

    ID of node where fragment replica is stored

  • is_lcp_ongoing

    Is 1 if LCP is ongoing on this fragment, 0 otherwise

  • num_crashed_replicas

    Number of crashed fragment replica instances

  • last_max_gci_started

    Highest GCI started in most recent LCP

  • last_max_gci_completed

    Highest GCI completed in most recent LCP

  • last_lcp_id

    ID of most recent LCP

  • prev_lcp_id

    ID of previous LCP

  • prev_max_gci_started

    Highest GCI started in previous LCP

  • prev_max_gci_completed

    Highest GCI completed in previous LCP

  • last_create_gci

    Last Create GCI of last crashed fragment replica instance

  • last_replica_gci

    Last GCI of last crashed fragment replica instance

  • is_replica_alive

    1 if this fragment replica is alive, 0 otherwise