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MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0  /  Management of NDB Cluster  /  NDB Cluster Disk Data Tables

6.10 NDB Cluster Disk Data Tables

NDB Cluster supports storing nonindexed columns of NDB tables on disk, rather than in RAM. Column data and logging metadata are kept in data files and undo log files, conceptualized as tablespaces and log file groups, as described in the next section—see Section 6.10.1, “NDB Cluster Disk Data Objects”.

NDB Cluster Disk Data performance can be influenced by a number of configuration parameters. For information about these parameters and their effects, see Disk Data Configuration Parameters, and Disk Data and GCP Stop errors.

You should also set the DiskDataUsingSameDisk data node configuration parameter to false when using separate disks for Disk Data files.

See also Disk Data file system parameters.

NDB 8.0 provides improved support when using Disk Data tables with solid-state drives, in particular those using NVMe. See the following documentation for more information: